Imagine you’re a robot and someone–or something–else is running your life behind the scenes. Richard Dawkins’ groundbreaking 1973 bestseller The Selfish Gene argues just that. According to the “gene’s eye view” of evolution, we only exist as vessels to protect and pass on our genes, which are the things that really matter. This controversial claim was a game changer in the science of evolution.

Plato’s early dialogues take on the trial and execution of his mentor Socrates. Plato wrote five dialogues, each questioning a so-called virtue of Athenian society (such as modesty). Plato shows how hard they are to define, thereby exposing the charges against Socrates as a sham. In this study guide on the Euthyphro for LitCharts, Plato targets the concept of piety.

With its easy blend of French and Caribbean culture, Guadeloupe offers a charming, homegrown feel—think restaurants no fussier than somebody’s back porch and sunset markets where people sell homemade rum punch. It’s made all the more delightful by an eclectic mix of beaches, each with a distinct personality. Here are five of the best, all but one to be found on Grand Terre, Guadeloupe’s northern and most populous island.

“Let your hands do the thinking” is the unofficial motto of the traditional Persian musician. Until the late 20th century, many traditional virtuosos didn’t find much value in learning formal music theory at all, believing that it slowed down their creativity while performing. Today, their legacy inspires traditional musicians to foreground embodied learning, believing it fosters a deeply intuitive grasp of musical grammar that drives the creative process.

Mulligan wrote this high-paced young adult thriller in ten days straight after befriending several young children living on a landfill in the Philippines. Moved by his experiences, Mulligan wrote a story that celebrates the resilience, strength, and charm of disenfranchised children, while exposing the inhumane conditions in which many of them are forced to live.

Everybody in Tehran has a favorite kebab house. The best of the best are tucked away in hidden corners of Tehran’s Grand Bazaar. Don’t let their unassuming exteriors fool you: this is where you’ll some of Tehran’s best food. This dreamscape piece for Flung Magazine explores my journey into the labyrinth-like market to hunt down my favorite spot in town.