Editing Services

I provide copy, structural, and cultural editing services. I also provide one-on-one workshops on designing and structuring writing-based projects. My standard rate is €25 per hour.

Copy editing services include detailed line edits on language, tone, grammar, flow, clarity, and voice. Style editing makes sure your document meets formatting, citation, and expressive requirements according to a specific style guide, such as APA, MLA, Chicago, Oxford, or custom and in-house style guidelines.

Structural editing helps you organize the logic and flow of your manuscript, including content, pacing, argumentation, chapter structure, and more.

Cultural editing makes sure that documents are culturally appropriate and speak to a specific audience, taking into account local style conventions, cultural context, and desired engagement.

Workshops are tailored to help you design and structure writing-based projects, including grant proposals, arts and research funding applications, book proposals, theoretical research, qualitative analysis, resumes, college and job applications, and more.