Apocalypse, Again: Indigenous Voices

Waugbeshig Rice’s allegorical post-apocalyptic thriller gives a stunning insight into First Nations people’s Anishinaabe culture.

The food’s all gone. The power’s out. There’s no gas. There’s been no word from Toronto or anywhere else. People are looting and getting violent. We had to get … out of there.

Waugbeshig Rice, Moon of the Crusted Snow

When a mysterious blackout occurs during a harsh winter, members of a remote Anishinaabe reservation suddenly find themselves without the modern conveniences they’ve come to rely on in recent years.

The community soon realizes the blackout is widespread, ongoing, and it’s debilitated nearby towns and cities. So, the Anishinaabe head deeper into the wilderness to revive their traditional way of life for good, believing it will best facilitate their long-term survival to rely no longer on modern technology or the grid.