Life on a Landfill: Andy Mulligan’s Trash

Trash is a high-paced young adult thriller about three young boys living on a landfill. Mulligan wrote the book in ten days straight after befriending several young children living on a landfill in the Philippines. Moved by his experiences, Mulligan wrote a story that celebrates the resilience, strength, and charm of disenfranchised children, while exposing the inhumane conditions in which many impoverished children around the world are forced to live.

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Trash is a fictional story based on author Andy Mulligan’s experiences as a volunteer aid worker on a landfill in the Philippines. The book is packed with visceral descriptions of children living in abject poverty, exposing actual conditions faced by the world’s poorest children as well as the injustice of a world that largely ignores them. The story’s central protagonists are young “trash boys” who eke out a living by sifting through… read more