A Beach for Every Mood: Guadeloupe’s Best Spots

With its easy blend of French and Caribbean culture, Guadeloupe offers a charming, homegrown feel—think restaurants no fussier than somebody’s back porch and sunset markets where people sell homemade rum punch. It’s made all the more delightful by an eclectic mix of beaches, each with a distinct personality. Here are five of the best, all but one to be found on Grand Terre, Guadeloupe’s northern and most populous island.

Travel Article for Flung Magazine

…After wandering onto (and swiftly off) a Club Med resort, the wild and breezy Bois Jolan beach was a breath of fresh air. We bought bowls of Creole curry from a lone vendor selling it by the plateful from the back of his car, and wandered in between giant palm trees into unkempt pools of shallow water… read more